Our promise to you (our pledges)

In 2010 HPFT made 4 pledges to young people:

  1. All CAMHS therapists and service users will collaborate to come up with agreed goals which will be written together and both will have a copy
  2. Feedback will be used in reviews of how therapy is going – with the option of changing the therapist if things aren’t working out
  3. We want to hold termly service user forums – to hold the bosses to account
  4. We want service users to participate in training and be involved in the assessment criteria of trainees.

The pledges are there for us to think more about what we offer at CAMHS from the young person’s perspective, and to allow us to transform services in a useful way, improving both consistency and transparency in what we can offer to young people and their families. To find out more visit – CYPIAPT

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