All children and young people accessing CAMHS services can continue to do so until their 19th birthday.

At age 17 ½ years onwards, discussions will take place with the young person and the team providing care about what services they might continue to benefit from when they turn 19.  Sometimes young people will continue to need mental health service support past their 19th birthday and they will get this from the appropriate adult mental health service.  CAMHS will support them and their family through this transition. 

Some young people move on to college and university outside the local area. If this is the case the team will discuss with them which services they might continue to need and transfer their care to a new location if appropriate.  A professionals' meeting will be held to transfer care to other services to ensure that transition is smooth and risk free.

Sometimes the right level of therapeutic support is available from colleges and universities, which may be their preferred pathway. 

Some young people may feel that they no longer need mental health support, and our therapists will help them seek appropriate support in the community if and when they need it. 

Whatever the young person’s needs, HPFT CAMHS will work with them and other professionals to transfer care safely and appropriately.