What young people say about our services

CAMHS helped me with my feeling so I would advise people who have had feelings to please talk to CAMHS
I have been coming here for 2 year, I have always been treated with kindness and respect. My visit have been very helpful and it is good to know I can talk to someone in future if I need to.
Excellent staff, caring and polite
It is really good to get help with my problems, so that now I can be the best I can be.
CAMHS really helped me, thank you.
Let me be honest, no one wants to talk to someone about their problems, at first you may hate coming to the session because it’s hard to open up and talk about feelings or fears. Sometime it’s hard to see help in the middle of your /our mess, CAMHS are the little light at the end of the tunnel and if you allow them to help you, they will.
CAMHS is my safe place, a place were I can talk about my feeling and thoughts and not feel judged.
CAMHS is now for everyone and it wasn’t for me.
Sometime things get worse before they get better, but they do get better.
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