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If you are receiving a service from CAMHS when you get to 18 years old this will end. You will think together with the team (usually from about 6 months before your 18th birthday) about what services you might continue to benefit from, and CAMHS will support you through this transition. 

Some young people move on to college and university outside the local area. If this is the case the team will discuss with you which services you might continue to need and transfer your care to your new location. 

Sometimes young people will continue to need mental health service support and will get this from the appropriate adult mental health service.  Sometimes the right level of therapeutic support is available from colleges and universities, which may be your preferred pathway.  You may feel that you do not wish for further mental health support, and your therapist can help you with seeking support in the community as and when you need it. 

Whatever your needs your CAMHs team will work with you to transfer your care. 


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